Strength in SIKSIS

 The Journey


the initiation

Becoming a Siks begins with the private initiation.   Even though we don’t discuss what the initiation entails, it has been described as powerful, eye-opening, and intense.  Others have labeled it as laid-back, smooth, and empowering.  The initiation process is simple and rich in information.  The only two people involved in the initiation are the new Siks and the current leader of the Siksis.  All benefits are available to a new Siks once the initiation is complete.


the foundation

Following the initiation, actions are taken with the new Siks that revolve around building the foundation for her.  The time involved in this stage varies depending on the new Siks.  These actions are discussed further during the very first meeting prior to the initiation.  Even though the foundation building stage can be challenging, it never interferes with the daily life of a new Siks.


the journey

After the foundation has been successfully laid, the journey begins.  A truly successful Siks will take advantage of the available benefits and apply what is learned to daily life.  Various exercises are implemented and are custom to what each Siks may be experiencing at that given time.  Whether it is personal, professional, or financial, a Siks will be geared to rely on her strength in the S.I.K.S.I.S. to live a full and masterful life.

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Be decisive


Some Benefits Include:
This benefit is available to any Siks who is interested and looking to start her own business.
financial awareness
All financial consulting and budgeting services that are provided to a Siks can be for personal or business use.
resume | Cover letter services
We develop professional and effective resumes for any Siks who is in the market for a new job.
personal branding
Each Siks is unique and should strategically master her personal branding.

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