Strength in SIKSIS



“Being a Siks has been nothing but beneficial to me.  It’s been challenging, progressive, and empowering all at the same time.  I continue to learn about myself and how to maneuver through this game we call life.  There are so many valuable resources that outweigh the investment I made to join.”

K.P. – Chicago (24 years old)


“My advice to a new Siks and women that plan on joining:  You get out of the Siksis what you put into it.  It’s a journey that doesn’t end and is exciting every step of the way.  As a professional business owner, I’ve been able to apply what I’ve discovered to making my business even more successful.”

J.J. – San Antonio (32 years old)




“I’m fairly new with the Siksis, but so far, so good.  I’m amped to see where this will take me as I continue to move through my college career and into my professional one.  I like the challenge and feeling like I’m actually making a difference.”

A.R. – Louisville (20 years old)


I think of the Siksis as the crutches that will never let you fall to the ground.  When you think times are rough, there are always resources available that’ll help you keep calm and move on.  I’ve made advancements since becoming a Siks in both my life and career.”

R.D. – Tampa (28 years old)




“Gotta admit, the first 12-15 months take a little work and motivation, but the first period of being a Siks is crucial to overall development.  It’s a fantastic way to build a foundation for what lies ahead.”

P.J. – Denver (37 years old)


“I only used one valuable resource the Siksis have to offer and, that by itself, was worth me joining.  The initiation was powerful and it’s been ocean sailing ever since.  Yes, we have secret society ways, but that’s where our strength lies.  Our strength is in privacy and in S.I.K.S.I.S.”

T.G. – Charlotte (25 years old)

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