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who are the siksis?

The Siksis are a female empowerment group with a secret society twist that operate in multiple cities nationwide.  S.I.K.S.I.S. is an acronym that stands for six different characteristics that are practiced and mastered in order to gain empowerment, make progress, and achieve success in life.  These six characteristics are only known by the Siksis.


what we believe

The Siksis believe women provide the physical, mental, and emotional capabilities that are crucial to the overall operations of society and the world.  We believe in the importance of empowerment and applying gained knowledge to ensure never ending progression.  We place our overall trust in the strength of the S.I.K.S.I.S.


the women

Women who are part of the Siksis come in all forms.  We’re a collection of various personalities who come from all walks of life.  However, our primary goal remains consistent:  To achieve what our individual definitions of success may be.  Most importantly, we let nothing get in our way during this journey.  We’re students, business owners, professionals, etc. in different industries seeking empowerment and providing support to each other.

Six characteristics


Some Benefits Include:
This benefit is available to any Siks who is interested and looking to start her own business.
financial awareness
All financial consulting and budgeting services that are provided to a Siks can be for personal or business use.
resume | Cover letter services
We develop professional and effective resumes for any Siks who is in the market for a new job.
personal branding
Each Siks is unique and should strategically master her personal branding.

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